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The Bartlett Mercantile has been a treasured establishment in the historic town ever since its inception in 2021. Home to all kinds of unique trinkets, memorabilia, and more, The Mercantile offers a chance for newcomers and locals alike to preserve their favorite memories of Bartlett. And now, we couldn’t be more excited and proud to announce the Grand Reopening of the Bartlett Mercantile at the Lumber Yard! So, join us in celebrating Bartlett on November 26, 2022!

The Lumber Yard’s Transformation

Along with the majority of Bartlett, the historic lumber yard has undergone a transformation over the years – perfectly preserving the treasured historical elements of its past but recasting its purpose to today’s day and age. No longer does the train whistle call for a new lumber supply, or is the downtown filled with the clanging sounds of a lumber yard hard at work. Now, the historic establishment serves as a central hub of activity for Downtown Bartlett – children run and play, families enjoy dining at delicious food trucks, and visitors get a glimpse into what it means to be a part of our incredible Bartlett community.

While the lumber yard may no longer be providing for the town through construction projects and future homes, it is still offering support in a new way! The Bartlett Lumber Company is a completely transformed space – the perfect meeting place for the entire town. Walking distance from some of the local favorite spots and quickly becoming a local favorite on its own, The Lumber Yard has plenty of fun to offer.

Food trucks are nestled in the center of the lumber yard, offering a unique mix of appetizing choices. Currently, visitors can enjoy mouthwatering Southern cuisine at Caszmio’s and delicious Columbia dishes at Yummy Arepas, with even more food trucks to come soon. 

And one of the lumber yard’s newest additions, nestled at the front of the space in a beautiful cabin, is our beloved Bartlett Mercantile!

If you’d like to learn more about the grand reopening of the Bartlett Mercantile, new additions to the Bartlett Lumber Company, or anything and everything to do with Bartlett, feel free to reach out!