The Humble Keeper Of Bartlett’s History - - Jennifer Tucker

The Humble Keeper Of Bartlett’s History

Pull up a chair and get comfortable because today, we’re shining a light on one of Bartlett’s greatest treasures and community favorites, Jay Richey. A Bartlett native, Jay has a love and respect for this town that runs just as deep as the history running through the streets. Known for his captivating tales of Bartlett, Jay is always the storyteller – a humble keeper of Bartlett’s history. Jay knows every detail and intricacy of this town, from the history of a Clark Street corner, an abandoned storefront, or any member of the lovely community. Growing up in the area, Jay was an integral part of the community and even graduated from the Bartlett Grammar school. He was also a school photographer for many years – preserving the history of Bartlett even in his youth. Throughout the years, Jay has been faithfully devoted to this town, keeping it alive and thriving through his stories. It’s time we turned the spotlight onto him.