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In true Bartlett fashion, the transformation of one of its notable historic buildings is bringing new life to its story. The Bartlett National Bank has been home to many stories – from historic heists to Hollywood reimaginings to newcomer adventures! 

When restoring the Bartlett Bank in 2019, we discovered some remnants of its past – four $100 bills lying on the bank floor. At first glance, we were ecstatic! More funds for Bartlett’s restoration. But upon closer inspection, we realized our great find had a bit more history to it. 

These $100 bills were actually a little piece of Bartlett Hollywood that had been left behind from the 1998 Newton Boys set. This Hollywood film retells the true story of America’s most successful bank robbers, the Newton brothers. This 1920s historic Bartlett event came alive again in 2019 with this discovery. 

Interestingly enough, movie sets can’t just throw real cash around for movies, and it’s not legal to print fake copies of money. So what is the Hollywood prop department to do? Make the closest copy they can, with tiny little differences that make it Motion Picture Money. 

Take a closer look at this movie-making magic and find all the markings that differentiate this bill from funny money!

Visitors travel from all over to experience the joys and wonder of the Bartlett National Bank, and you can too! Book your stay at this Bartlett treasure today.