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Dr. O J Koepke was a long standing professional in the Bartlett community, but more than that he was raised in Bartlett. He went to school in Bartlett, graduated from school in Bartlett in 1910, and after college he returned to open his dental practice in 1919.

Dr. Koepke’s Dental practice was operated above the First National Bank and the gold leaf etching of his practice is still seen on the glass on the second story window today. When the building was sold in 2019, ironically 100 years after Dr. Koepke opened his practice, the original door with Dr. Koepke’s name on it was housed at the local Salvage shop for safe keeping until returned to the new building owner.    

Above the First National Bank were many offices and businesses that came and went through the years. Some of the other tenants were Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, beauty salons, the Soil Conservation Service, lawyers, and other medical practitioners. However, Dr. Koepke remained constant in the corner office overlooking Clark Street.

Dr. Koepke married Miss Elsie Watters from Temple. She became a beloved teacher in the Bartlett Public Schools at a time when schools were transitioning from being private to being publicly funded state schools. She was known to be as loved and as popular as her husband.

Both Dr. and Mrs. Koepke were very active in the Bartlett civic and social circle. Dr. Koepke served on the City Council and was a Deacon in the Presbyterian church.