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Bartlett, TX–The Most Photographed Town in Texas

For years now I’ve watched folks drive through town, stop, jump out of their cars with excited animation as they take photos of downtown, the buildings, the brick streets. It’s fun to watch people as they discover what we already know – Bartlett is a beautiful place filled with historic buildings and neat things to explore at every turn! Weekly, I have folks stop at The Bartlett National Bank or the Bartlett Presbyterian Church just to take pictures. I’ve even had to install a sign at the renovated Church to let people know it’s a home so that they don’t just walk in the front door to take photos of the inside! Bartlett is clearly the most photographed town in Texas – just look in any Texas Magazine!

Bartlett has been the scene of TV shows, movies, Weird Homes Tours, and many magazine articles. Just last week I was given a past copy of a Texas Dental Journal where the Bartlett Presbyterian Church was the cover photo! You actually don’t have to look far to find gorgeous photos of Bartlett.

Most recently AAA Explorer magazine of Texas reached out for help with a story about Bartlett. The team at AAA Explorer wanted to learn more about what draws folks to Bartlett and more importantly what keeps them close by. It seemed they were thorough in speaking to several people in town and researching their information prior to publication. The journalist team was very sincere in wanting to publish a piece that showcased Bartlett as ‘the place to be’. Gone are the days of Bartlett being characterized as an abandoned ghost town. The only reference in the article to the ghosts of the past focused on the historic murals, and some of the not-so-historic movie set remnants that look like ‘ghosts’ of the past.

This quiet little town is quickly becoming known as a destination. AAA has dubbed Bartlett as the ‘Comeback Kid’ as they note the revitalization and new businesses that are on the way, as well as taking a look back at what made Bartlett the town that it was…and has come back to be! There is special mention of the art installation that is due to open in early summer which is certain to draw even more folks to Bartlett for inspiration and, of course, more photos. AAA Explorer also pays tribute to the existing businesses. Perez BBQ saw an uptick in business the days after the magazine article was released. Josh Perez said new patrons were coming in to try his BBQ links because they read about Perez BBQ in the AAA magazine. If you haven’t stood in line for Perez BBQ yet, then you are missing out. The Bartlett National Bank Guest House has had bookings from guests who say they learned about Bartlett in the recent edition of the Explorer magazine. The article notes other businesses and things to do in and around Bartlett. As new businesses open, it will be exciting to visit them first hand and then read about them in future magazine articles as Bartlett continues to claim its pin on the map.