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Enter the Bartlett's Got Heart Competition!

Lets show some love and win some money by filling our town with hearts.

What you need to know:

During the month of February, Bartlett residents will be invited to create hearts out of ‘found materials’ and place them in your front yards. Think of the guitars in Seattle or the Hippos in Hutto. These can be as creative as you’d like (2D, 3D, painted decorated, etc.) People may work alone or in groups. The idea is to have fun and fill Bartlett with hearts and love. *Please keep your beautiful creations under 5 feet and ensure they don’t block traffic or any signs in town. Be safe!

To enter complete this form.

Entries will be accepted through out February so we can enjoy the hearts for the entire month of Valentines!

On Thursday the 25th at midnight, the last entries will be accepted and the voting will begin! You will get to vote for your favorite hearts in town and the lucky winners will be announced on March 1 (see what we did there – love in Feb, luck in March)

Amazing Realty will be offering cash prizes to the hearts that win the most votes and a plaque will be presented to the mayor with a photo of the winner so it can be hung in City Hall. Bragging Rights until next year!

Top prize is $250, second prize is $150, third prize is $50. Bragging rights to all.

We will share the photos so everyone gets to enjoy the fun!!